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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Kadick Agency Banking ?

Kadick Agency Banking is a financial solution that allows third-party agents Perform financial transactions and much more.

Can I get Kadick Moni POS Anywhere in Nigeria ?

Yes, where ever you are in Nigeria, you can get Kadick Moni. We have our outlets in; Lagos State, Delta State Osun State. We also have cluster supervisors all over Nigeria.

What are the requirements to become a KadickMoni Agent ?

Valid Means of Identification:
Signed copy of customer agreement form

What types of transactions can I perform?

Airtime and data
Bill payment and so much more.

What are the charges?

For Withdrawals:
0.5% of the amount for transactions between ₦G₦ 1-19,999.
100naira for transactions between ₦G₦ 20,000 - ₦G₦ 50,000.
150naira for transactions between ₦G₦ 50,001 - ₦G₦ 70,000
For Deposits, we charge ₦25.

Is there a transaction Limit?

Yes, Subject to certain criteria’s.

Can I Open Bank Account on KadickMoni ?

Yes, with KadickMoni POS, you can open Bank Account.

What should I do if there is a disputed transaction?

Contact customer care with the receipt of your transaction.
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Become a
KadickMoni Agent

With the KadickMoni App, you can facilitate transactions anywhere you are. Click on the link below to download our requirements.

google download for kadick application